Make calculations in your forms like additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions!

1. Install the Calculation-widget

To make calculations you need to have the Calculation-widget. This widget first has to be installed for free from the MoreApp Marketplace. Go the Marketplace, find the Calculation-widget under Widgets, and Install it. Go to the Platform MoreApp Platform. We will show you how you add up the hours worked in the week multiplied by the cost per hour.

2. Add a Subform-widget

Select the form and click Edit Form. Double click on the Subform-widget to have it inserted into your form, add a Lookup-widget along with a Number-widget. Now click on the pencil on the Lookup-widget to edit the widget, add the days of the week to the options field in this widget. Then also edit the Number-widget and name it as Hours.

3. Summing up

Now we will sum up the hours of the week. Go to the main form. Under the Widgets tab, you will see Installed when clicking here you can find all the widgets you have downloaded from the Marketplace. Once you have clicked on the Calculation-widget, edit the widget by clicking on the pencil and choose, to sum up (+) for the Operator field. Now as a Calculation Term, you can select Hours. Lastly, click on Save.

4. Multiplying

We will show you how to multiply the hours worked by the cost per hour. Go to the Marketplace and install the Price-widget under the Widgets tab. Once you have clicked on Install, you can return to the form. Insert the Price-widget from the Installed tab and edit the widget to choose a currency. Insert another Calculation-widget and select Multiply (*) as the Operator. Lastly, as a Calculation term, select Hours multiplied by the Cost per hour. Click Save & Publish.

5. Congratulations!

You have successfully installed and configured the Calculation-widget! Now you can subtract, add, and multiply in seconds!

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