MoreApp automatically adds an email with PDF attachment. We explain the options we offer.

Go to the MoreApp Platform and log in. Open your form and go to the Email tab.

1. Attach all images

By default, the attach all images option is selected. This means that all the photos will be received as separate attachments. Do you want the photos and signatures only as a thumbnail in the PDF? Then uncheck this option.

2. Change the Name of the PDF

Click on the pencil to change the filename of the PDF attachment. Here you can also use placeholders. When you deselect this option the PDF attachment will disappear.

3. Hide fields that are not filled in

Check this box if you want fields that are not filled in, to be hidden in the PDF.

4. Header and footer

Use this option to add a header and footer to the PDF attachment. You can add an image (logo) as a header. The footer displays a page number.

5. Subforms

This option is only available in the email tab of a subform. Select the option if you prefer a horizontal orientation for the subform data in your PDF attachment.

6. Advanced mode

Use the advanced mode to modify your PDF manually. We do not advise you to make adjustments in the content box. To modify your PDF manually you need to adjust the HTML code. Open the HTML view by clicking code view. Please make sure that you save a copy of your HTML code. When you click Reset attachment the PDF will be reset to the code based on the content of the form. You cannot restore your modified HTML code.

If you are not familiar with HTML, we offer the Word-hook to upload Word templates. You can always contact us or one of our partners for a custom PDF.

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* When filling in your digital forms, there are some widgets that do not appear in the PDF. These widgets you will need to keep in mind: