When you've bought the Branding module, you're able to customise several MoreApp emails to your liking. For example, the email we send for a user invite or forgotten password request.

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MoreApp uses MailChimp to create and edit email templates and Mandrill to actually send emails. The templates created in MailChimp must, therefore, be sent to Mandrill. This means for branded emails to work, you must use the same setup as we do. Following these steps, this should be a piece of cake.

1. Create a MailChimp account
Go to Mailchimp and sign up.

2. Attach Mandrill to your MailChimp account

First, go to your Account settings.

Then, open the Transactional tab. Here, you can add Mandrill and launch it.

After that, you can go to Billing and select Monthly. 

When you selected Monthly you can scroll down to Mandrill and set up your plan. 

Attention! Next is to buy a block in Mandrill. 

To do that you must also have a monthly plan for MailChimp. 

3. Copy our templates to your MailChimp account

Before you can change our templates to your liking, you must first copy them to your account. This can be done at our Platform, from the Branding configuration screen. Click on Mail and then on Copy default mail templates.

This opens a screen with a list of templates that can be branded. Copy them to your MailChimp account by clicking on them. Note: It is not required to brand all of them. We will simply fallback to our own email templates when one of your templates is not found. Warning! The code (For Example: AR04) which stands before the email name has to stay here. If you do not leave it here, MoreApp will not recognise it and can not use the mail.   

4. Edit the templates in MailChimp

Now that you've added these templates to your account, feel free to customise them. You can change all the logos, colours, texts, et cetera. As you can see in the image below, there are some placeholders you can use, like *|USERNAME|*.

Most buttons use placeholders as well because of the link to a user-specific URL. Make sure you don't break these buttons by removing or changing the placeholders. You are free to change its position, style, and color, though. 

5. Send the MailChimp templates to Mandrill

When you're content with your templates, send them all to Mandrill so that MoreApp can use them. If you make any changes to a template later, you'll need to repeat this step. Keep in mind that uploading your templates from MailChimp to Mandrill can take up to 10 minutes. 

6. Setup Mandrill sending domains

You need to set up and verify a Sending Domain. We recommend you ask the administrator of your mail server to do this, following this guide.

7. Add Mandrill API key

You're almost done. You just need to create a Mandrill API key from the Settings page.

Fill in this generated API key in our Platform, on the Branding configuration page. Once it is validated press Save.

8. Webhooks

You're almost done. Go to the Webhooks tab and select the messages!

9. Congratulations! 

You just customised the emails we send to your users! 

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