With the Subform-widget, you can repeat adding parts to the form. For example, filling a table with data about materials used, hours worked, photos or building parts.

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1. Add the widget 

Once you have logged into the MoreApp Platform select your time tracking form and click on Edit Form. Drag & drop the Subform-widget into your form or double click on the widget to have it inserted into your form. When clicking on the pencil you will be able to edit the widget, by Label you can name the widget. By clicking on the plus, you can give the subform a name. Now click on Save and the screen automatically moves to the subform, which you can fill with widgets. 

2. Configuring the widget

Once you've built the subform there are a few more settings. Click on the pencil of the Subform-widget to fill the List item markup. Use placeholders by clicking on the blue buttons or insert any descriptive text of your choice. This information will be shown as a summary of the subform in the app. Determine in advance how often the subform will be used by setting a Minimum and /or Maximum



3. Congratulations!

You now know how to add and edit a subform! Read more about our pricing. How to turn a subform into a table in the PDF report? Read the help center post about configuring the PDF.


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