One of the most used features of MoreApp is sending an email with a PDF attachment after a form is filled in. Learn how we send those emails and what to do if you don’t seem to receive them.

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Have you ever heard about SparkPostThis is the largest and most reliable email service provider which helps companies to improve their email performance. Our SparkPost data centre is located in the European Union, meaning it falls under the protection of the GDPR.

We can trust SparkPost for its high standards of deliverability of emails and security.

Sending emails might sound simple, but in reality there are a lot of things to take into account. We decided to not reinvent the wheel and entrust MoreApp’s mail sending capability to SparkPost. The result? We send tens of thousands of emails every month with an amazing 99.2% deliverability.

The (less than) 1%

But where do those 0.8 % of emails go? There are a number of possibilities:

1. Check your registration

Go to the Registrations tab in the Platform. Is there a green check mark visible in the Email column? Then you know that everything went well. If you see an orange triangle or red cross, you can click on it to see what went wrong.

Experience shows that it is almost always the receiving mail server that ensures that emails do not arrive immediately. They may be stuck in an internal queue or spam filter. You can check this with the administrator of your mailserver.

2. Size

Most mail servers won’t allow you to send an email that’s bigger than 24MB in total. For most emails, this is more than enough. In our server, the limit is 19MB.

When an email is larger than 19MB, due to large photos, the photos will not be added to the e-mail as an attachment, but a download link will be included in the email. 

If the Attach all images option is selected, all photos will be sent as attachments to your email. You can uncheck this option if you want the photos and signatures only as a thumbnail in the PDF. You can also check the settings of the Photo-widget.

3. Whitelist

Another option, although definitely not very common at all, is that your mail server might be actively refusing to receive our mails. The only way to check this is by contacting your mail server provider to whitelist the MoreApp domain.

Hopefully, this post allows you to resolve any problems you may have. But as always, you can contact MoreApp support if there are any questions.

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