If you need to add automatically generated & unique identifications to each registration you can accomplish this with serial numbers.

1. Serial number

Once you've logged into the Platform and open your digital form you can already see the serial number on the Registrations tab. To see the serial number of a specific form you will need to click on the eye icon of the form.

2. Configure the PDF

How to add the serial number to your PDF? Select the form and click on Edit form to get started, now go to the Email tab and check the Advanced mode. To activate the advanced mode you need a Premium account. Now you will be able to see the preview of the PDF. Click on the position in the PDF where you want to add the serial number, open the Placeholder drop-down menu and click on ${meta.serialNumber}. Lastly, click on Save & Publish.

3. Use HTML code

If you want to add the serial number correctly, click on Code View to see the HTML code of the PDF. Add the next HTML code on the position in the PDF where you want to add the serial number.

<tr><br><td class="more-field-label">Serial Number</td><br><td>${meta.serialNumber}</td><br></tr>

4. Thank you!

Thanks for using MoreApp! Learn more about the possibilities we offer to configure the PDF.

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