Sometimes writing every word with a touch screen keyboard can be an annoying task. That is why both iOS and Android offer voice dictation. The voice dictation functionality works systems-wide and in every App - including MoreApp.

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MoreApp is already a big time saver compared to using paper forms and utilising your device’s voice dictation can save you even more time. It makes filling out digital forms even easier.


1. Start dictation

Using voice dictation on Android is as simple as pressing a button. Once you have selected a text field and the keyboard pops up, you simply need to tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and start talking.

2. Punctuating while dictating

But don’t forget about the punctuation. If you want to type “The inspection went flawlessly. When will be the next inspection?” you will have to say: “the inspection went flawlessly period when will be the next inspection question mark”.

The amount of voice dictation commands on Android is slim but sufficient. Here is the list of commands:

  • Full stop (.)
  • Comma (,)
  • The question mark (?)
  • Exclamation mark (!)
  • Enter (line spacing)

On iOS, the list of commands is far more developed.


1. Start dictation

Similar to Android the user simply needs to tap the microphone icon on the keyboard to start the voice dictation. 

2. Punctuating while dictating

Because of the fact that on iOS voice dictation is part of Siri, the amount of voice dictation commands for punctuation is far more extensive. In iOS, text can even be formatted with voice dictation. The basic commands seen in Android voice dictation work the same way in iOS. For the full list of voice dictation commands please visit Apple's website.

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