You can pre-fill parts of the form and send an instruction to one or more users. The assigned user receives a push notification and can easily complete the form.

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An Instruction is a workflow between two users who fill in the same form. This function allows you to pre-fill some fields of a form in our Platform and assign it to another user to finish or validate the tasks.

1. Instruction

In order to get started, you will need to be logged into the MoreApp Platform. By clicking on Forms you can select the form to create the instruction for, for example you Inspection form and then go to the Work Instructions tab. Click on New work instruction to create an instruction, the form which you selected will automatically show up, now you can fill in the given information.

2. Pre-fill the form

Pre-fill the form and fill in the needed information. Assign the instruction to one or more users, add a Message, choose a date and choose when you want to send the instruction. Lastly, click on Save

Note: Users will get the instruction notification in the App, not in the email.

3. The status of the instruction

In the Work Instructions tab you can also check the status of the instruction. When clicking on the eye icon you will be able to see additional information, there you can see if the instruction was completed or if it's still pending. Here, you can also Complete or Revoke the instruction yourself.

4. Status Colours

In the Instructions tab it is possible to see the following Status colours:

Green = Completed
Blue = Pending
Red = Removed from the app
Orange = Revoked from the Platform

5. Congratulations!

You have successfully pre-filled parts of a form and sent an instruction to one or more users! 

Note: When you update a form by adding, for example, a new widget, the update will also be visible in the instruction thas was already sent!  

Use our free API to create an integration between MoreApp and other tools. Import or export data, and dispatch pre-filled forms. Check out our Developer Docs for more info.

Note: Every API which is not documented in our API documentation can be changed at any moment.

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