Share a link to a MoreApp webform with your customers. The recipient can open the form directly without logging in!

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1. Generate the link

In order to share the link with your customers, you will first need to generate it. Once you've logged into the MoreApp Platform, select the form that you would like to share and click on Generate direct URL. This URL ensures that people who do not have a MoreApp account can still fill in the form. 

Since the user does not need to log in, we cannot see who completed the form. Would you like to have this information about the user? Then, you can add these questions to your form. 

Note: If you are in your Trial period, you do not have access to this feature. You will need to use the App to fill in your forms.

Now that you have the link, click on Copy and send it via email or add the link to your website.

2. Fill in the webform

Now when the recipients open the link, they can complete the form. The data directly appears on the Registrations tab of that form and is ready to be exported to Excel or Google Sheets.

Note: When there is no internet connection the form can't be sent.

Note: It’s not advised to use the direct URL to embed in other apps. As soon as there is no internet connection, the data will be lost.

3. Congratulations!

You have successfully created a public webform.

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