You are here because you didn't receive the PDF, it wasn't readable or you would like to test a new configuration. If one of the aforementioned is true, you can resend the submission to receive a new version of the email and the PDF report. 

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1. Fix the error

If there is any error occurring in the email or PDF, make sure to fix it first before proceeding. Navigate to the correct form, such as a digital survey, and click on Edit Form. Go to the Email tab to edit the error and click on Save & Publish

2. Resend submissions

To resend your submission, navigate to the Submission tab in the Platform. Click on the eye icon on the right side of the screen. 

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the button Resend submission

Now the email and PDF will be resent according to the latest configuration. If there are any integrations installed, they are also sent again. 

Please note: Resending your submissions won't cost you extra submissions. 

3. Testing your PDF report

If you have filled in a form once, you can use the same submission to test the new email and PDF configuration by using the Resend submission button.

After each resend, a new download button for the PDF report will appear. You can find this by clicking on the green checkmark in de Email column.

4. Refresh your forms

It is important to note that refreshing the app is essential to make sure you and your users work with the newest configuration.

5. Congratulations!

You have successfully resent a submission!

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