Next to widgets and hooks, you will find form templates in the MoreApp Marketplace. You can share your form as a template with others!

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1. Share your form

Log in to the MoreApp Platform and start by selecting your form under the Forms tab, for example your inspection form. 

Pay attention: Delete any sensitive information from your form and remove the recipients from the Email tab before publishing the form to the Marketplace.

Next, click on Place form on Marketplace.

Here you will need to fill in the necessary information, in order to have the form placed in the Marketplace. Such as your email, name, address, and IBAN and then click on Save.

Now you can Name your form and give it a Description. You will also have to insert the Language and the Sector of your form. As an optional choice, you can also insert a logo and a price if you will be selling your form. Once you're finished click on Submit.

When you click on submit you will see that your form is now shared in the Marketplace. You can always remove the form from the Marketplace by clicking on Hide from Marketplace.

Pay attention: You can only place forms in the Marketplace with default widgets from the Form Builder.

2. Download a form

You can also download templates from the Marketplace directly to your account. Once you've installed a form from the Marketplace you can go to the MoreApp Platform. Go the Forms tab and click on Create a new form. Here you have the option to create a new form or select from the installed forms. By clicking on Installed you will see all the forms that you have downloaded from the Marketplace. Click on Get more forms from the Marketplace to download your desired template. Give the form a name and click on Save.

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