This guideline describes what is needed from you so we can develop your branded app. 

1. The developer of the app

The first step is to decide whether you will use your app for commercial or in-house purposes. After that, you can create your own iOS developer account and Android developer account

How is your app presented in the App Store? Here's the example of MoreApp:

2. Texts and keywords

  • Create a description for the App. It is recommended to keep the text for both Apple and Android the same. But be careful! It is not permitted to use naming or linking to Google or Android in the App Store. The same counts for the Google Play Store, where naming or linking to Apple is not allowed. 

  • In the App Store, you can add keywords. Deliver us a list with max 100 characters. Spaces and punctuations also count. Deliver the list as follows: moreapp,work order,inspection,etc (=33 characters). We can only note keywords for the App Store. The search engine of the Google Play Store only looks at the App description. If you want to be found on the same keywords you use in the App Store, make sure to use the same words in the App description text for the Google Play Store. 

  • For the App Store it's optional to add a subtitle (30 characters). 
  • For the Google Play Store there is an extra short version (80 characters) of the text needed. 

3. URL's

  • Via you can fill in a web form. With a branded app, you get your own webclient. What URL would you like to use for this? If you do not provide us with a specific URL we'll use 'name of the app'
  • Via you can open the Form Builder. With a branded app, you get your own Form Builder. You can change the colours and the logo. What URL would you like to use for this? If you do not provide us with a specific URL we will use 'company name' 

We also offer hosting the Branded Platform and Webclient on your own domain. Example: All you have to do is change the DNS settings of your domain, by adding a CNAME entry for the subdomains (like: 'platform' and 'webclient') that direct to ''. Send us the URL's of your preference and we'll take care of the rest!

4. Images

If you would like for us to design the necessary images, let us know so we can help you. 

Deliver the following images in the specified formats and / or file types:

  • App icon: Deliver the image in PSD or PNG (1024x1024 px) without rounded borders for iOS and if you like with rounded borders for Android.
  • Logo login screen: High resolution PNG 352x106 px. 
  • Launch image: Deliver the image in PSD or PNG (2732 × 2732 px) with the logo in the center of the square. Use this template for your splash screen and make sure you keep the logo within the 1200x1200 center.

  • Screenshots: High-resolution JPEG or PNG, 72 dpi, flattened, not transparent.

  • Feature graphic for Android: Deliver in JPG or PNG (1024 x 500 px).

  • Favicon: deliver your favicon as a favicon.ico file extension for the Platform and the webclient. 

5. Screenshots iOS

You can add from 1 up to 5 screenshots.

iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch Retina display
Portrait: 1242x2208px

Landscape: 2208x1242px
iPad (non-retina 1x)
Portrait: 2048x2732px

Landscape: 2732x2048px

6. Screenshots Android

Deliver from 1 up to 8 screenshots. The maximum size of the image can not be twice the size of the minimum size.

JPEG or 24-bits PNG
Minimum size
Maximum size

7. Extra Settings for Partners Branded emails

Do you want to use a demo environment in your branded app? This demo environment can be opened by all users of the app if they click on the Demo button in the login screen. A login (email and password) is not required for this. Create a new Customer at the MoreApp Partner portal. Then go to the MoreApp Platform to provide the new Demo Customer with demo forms. Then go to the Settings Overview on the Partner portal. For this click on the puppet in the left side menu and click on Settings. Under the Demo tab, you can select the created demo Customer.

As a partner you can also choose if you would like to enable the onboarding on the login screen of the app. It says New user? Create a free account.The other option is to enable a Contact form instead of the onboarding proces. You can find this option in the Partner portal if you click on the puppet in the left side menu, next click on Settings. Under the Demo tab, you can also select a contact form. Please let us know about your choice. 

8. Branded emails

Do you want to continue to brand the emails? Click here