Take the PDF attachment configuration to the next level with MoreApp's Advanced mode settings. When enabling the advanced mode you can hide lines/columns from the PDF attachment. 

1. Hide lines/columns

For example, when deleting the ID column of a Data Source, you will need to go to the Email tab of your form to get started and check the Advanced mode. Keep in mind that the advanced mode is only available for Premium accounts. Once the advanced mode is enabled then you can view the Code View of the PDF, by clicking on </> in the body of the Email. Here you will see the HTML codes of the PDF attachment. To hide a column from being visible in your PDF attachment, you will need to look for the following code: 



The <tr> code stands for Table Row and <td> stands for Table Data, when seeing this code you automatically know it's a column. Once you found the code of the column you would like to remove from the PDF file, you can go ahead and delete the entire code. 

2. Congratulations! 

You have successfully hidden a column in your PDF attachment. We for example, use Brackets.io as a HTML code editing software. 

Attention! Only enable the advanced mode once you're finished with your form. When in advanced mode and you update your form, the PDF will not show the modifications. Also, make sure that you save a copy of your HTML code. When clicking on Reset attachment the PDF will reset to the code based on the content of the form, and you cannot restore your modified HTML code. 


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