MoreApp offers you the opportunity to embed your digital form on your website, such as work orders, surveys etc.

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1. Create your digital form

Naturally, your first step would be to create a digital form which you want to place on your website. For example: Feedback/complaint form or an order form. You can create your form on the MoreApp Platform, you can read our Help Center post to learn how to create a digital form. Keep in mind to always Save & Publish your form when you're finished.

2. Generate the URL

After you've finished and published your form, you will be automatically re-directed to the Overview. Here you can generate a direct URL link, as seen in the screenshot below.

Press on Generate direct URL and copy the generated link

3. Add the HTML code to your website

 To add the digital form to your website you can copy the generated link in the following code:

<p align="center"><iframe src="PASTE LINK HERE" width="90%" height="600" style="border:1px solid lightgrey;"></iframe></p>

In this example we will present you the form with which you can register for our workshops. Add your personal URL between the "commas".

4. Test your form

After you've successfully embedded the digital form in your website, you need to test it. Check if the email configuration is correct and if everything works properly. Wondering what the webform looks like? The screenshot below is from the aforementioned registration form for the MoreApp workshops.

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