Automatically save all your PDF reports in your personal OneDrive account with OneDrive integration, for structure and easy access.

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This feature is available in the Branch, Tree and Forest plans. Check our plans.

1. Add the OneDrive integration

Go to the MoreApp Platform and select your work order. Click on Edit Form and go to the Integrations tab. Then click on Add Integration.

Select the OneDrive integration and click on Add.

2. Configure the integration

First of all, you need to connect your OneDrive account to MoreApp. For that, click on Connect, below OneDrive Login. You can read this post for more information about how to configure Service Accounts.

Now, you can fill in the structure of how you want to save your report. The first name will be your main folder, the second one will be the sub-folder. In this example, the main folder will be Fire Inspection and every time a client is filled in, it will create a new sub-folder in your main folder with the name of the client. Whenever you fill in an existing client name, the registration will automatically be saved in the subfolder with the same name. So you can use placeholders to create the sub-folders.

You can also edit the filename under the Filename tab. 

Note: Make sure that you use a unique filename, you can do that by using multiple placeholders.

If you select Include CSV file, a CSV file will also be added to OneDrive. 

Click on Validate in order to finalise with the integration configuration. Then, Save & Publish your form.

3. Configure the email and PDF

Configure the email and PDF so that a PDF report will be generated. You'll now be able to send the registrations to your OneDrive.

Note: add at least one recipient to your email configuration.

Note: if you have more than one PDF templates configured, only the first one will be uploaded to OneDrive.

4. Fill in a form

Fill in a form to be able to see that a new folder will be generated in OneDrive.

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