Copy forms or entire folders to make a back-up or to use an existing form as template for a new form.

1. Copy a form within the same folder

Log in at the MoreApp Platform and go to the form you want to copy. For example your work Instruction form. On the overview of the form you can see Copy.


Click on Copy and the following page will open:

Rename the form to your liking and select the same folder to copy the form. Click on copy and the form will be present in your folder with its new name. Now you can use the copy as a template for a new form. 

2. Copy a form to another folder

In this example, we want to copy the form Lead Form which is currently in My Folder to the folder Automotive research. Select copy on the overview of the form and rename it to your liking. Select the folder to which you want to copy your form to. 

After you have clicked on copy, your form is immediately visible and usable in the selected folder:

3. Copy an entire folder

It is possible to duplicate entire folders for back-up purposes or for sharing your digital forms with other accounts. Click on the folder you want to copy and click on the sprocket next to the title of your folder.

A new tab called Advanced Settings will open itself and down below you can click on Copy

Click on the orange Copy button and your folder will be duplicated:

Please note: Registrations are not copied with a form or folder, so if you delete the original forms or folders, subsequently, the data from the registrations will be deleted as well.

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