You can use the HTML-widget and HTML-codes to add a serial number, a page breaker or to embed a form on your website. We offer you an overview of some HTML-codes you can use!

1. To alter the PDF attachment

Once you have logged into the MoreApp Platform create or select your form and click on Edit Form. When you have finished the form, you can turn on the Advanced mode in the Email tab. After you switched on the Advanced settings of the Email, modifications in your form are not updated automatically in the PDF-report. When you add a new widget to your form, manually add the widget in the PDF-report using HTML-code or click on Reset attachment in the bottom right corner of the Email tab. MoreApp will update the new widgets in order with their places in your form. 

Scroll downwards in the Email tab. You can find the code view ( </> ) just above the logo in the PDF settings. The HTML-code automatically becomes visible after you have clicked on code view.

In the codeview you can add your HTML-code on the preferred place.

Adding a serial number

<tr><br><td class="more-field-label">Serial Number</td><br><td>${meta.serialNumber}</td><br></tr>

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2. To use in an HTML-widget

HTML-codes can be used in the HTML-widget to personalise your form further. Add the widget where you want it, and paste your HTML-code in the widget.

Click on the pencil of the widget. The properties tab will open itself automatically. Delete the standard text and paste the HTML-code you want to use.

Adding a pagebreaker

<div style="page-break-after: always"></div>
<table class="main" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5">
<col style="width:40%">
<col style="width:60%">

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To open your website or document in your form

<center><p><a href="PASTE LINK FROM WEBSITE OR GOOGLE DRIVE DOCUMENT HERE";; onclick=",'_system'); return false;">Check Service manual</a></p></center>

To use an iFrame 

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="300">
  <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

To add a stripe 


3. To use for external usage

To embed a form on your website

<p align="center"><iframe src="PASTE LINK HERE" width="90%" height="600" style="border:1px solid lightgrey;"></iframe></p>

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Send MoreApp an e-mail when you have created an HTML-code which you want to share with others!

MoreApp does not offer support on HTML-coding.  

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