Use the Showmap functionality to indicate the location where the form was submitted.

1. Add Showmap to the Email

Go to the MoreApp Platform and go to the Forms tab. Click on Edit Form, open the digital work order and go to the Email tabPlace your cursor on the position in the content box where you want to add the map and click on Showmap. The following code will appear: @{showmap#location=meta.location}

2. Add Showmap to the PDF report

If you want to add the link to the map to your PDF report, turn on the Advanced mode of the Email tab. You can find the Showmap button just below the logo. Click on Showmap. The following code will appear: @{showmap#location=meta.location}. You can place it anywhere you want in the PDF report.

After you switched on the Advanced settings of the Email, modifications in your form are not updated automatically in the PDF report. When you add a new widget to your form, manually add the widget in the PDF report using HTML-code or click on Reset attachment in the bottom right corner of the Email tab. MoreApp will update the new widgets in order with their places in your form. 

You can also add the Showmap using HTML. For that, click on </> Code View and place the following code anywhere you want:


Please note: Customising the PDF report is a MoreApp Premium functionality 

3. Test the form

After you added the Showmap functionality, click on Save & Publish. After filling in the form, you will recevie an email. This is how the email and PDF report will look like:

If you click on Show map the following will appear:

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