It can happen that you forgot your password or you just want to change it. Follow the next steps to choose a new password. 

1. Changing your password

In the Platform you can click on Forgot password and in the app on Change password.  

Fill in your email address. 

You will receive the following email. Click on New password. 

The following screen appears. Here you can enter the new password. Make sure the password contains at least 8 characters. 

You have now set a new password! Click on To the portal and you can login with your new password! 

2. Token

It can happen that you will be asked for a token. This Token can be found in the URL behind the Slash.

Copy and paste the token at the right place and then enter your new password.

Warning(warning)A token is valid for 4 hours. If the token is expired, you can enter your email address here and follow the steps.

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