How can you change the username of your MoreApp account?

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Pay attention! The username is always an email address.

1. Add a new user

Go to the Users tab and click on + Invite user(s).

Add the email address you would like to use as your new username and select the desired language of the email we send to the new user. 

2. Give a new user admin rights

Click on Invites and click on the user who you just added. Click on Edit user. You can now add the user to the Administrators group. 

3. Activate the account

You will receive the following email. Click on Activate account and fill in your details.

4. Log in again 

Click on the human figure at the bottom left of the black menu and click Logout. Then log in with the email address that you just added. You can keep or delete the old user.

5. Delete a user

You can delete the old user by going to the Users tab, then select the user and click on Delete user. 

From now on you can log in with the new email address. 

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