What are the advantages of MoreApp Premium in comparison with MoreApp Forever Free?

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New users start with a Forever Free account and use MoreApp for free. However, a Forever Free account is limited to 100 credits per month. When you decide to get the best out of your form, you can switch to Premium and select a bundle that fits your business. For each submitted form, depending on the complexity of the form*, you will have to pay one credit or more. The average cost of a credit is €0.25. Credits never expire and customers have no monthly obligations! Below you can find the difference between Forever Free and Premium. 

MoreApp Forever Free

  • Unlimited users
  • 100 free credits per month

MoreApp Premium

  • Unlimited users
  • Pay per use
  • Use all paid widgets from the Marketplace like the Video-widget and Drawing-widget 
  • Access to the paid Hooks like the Word-Hook and Excel-hook
  • Add your own logo to the PDF report
  • Customise your PDF using HTML-code or the Word-hook
  • Give a group the rights to manage tabs in the Platform
  • Credits never expire

Pay attention! When you go Premium the 100 free credits per month won't be added to your account anymore. 

*There will be an extra credit fee for using these widgets and hooks in your forms: