Are you satisfied with your form and ready to design your PDF report? Here we give you the options!

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There are two options to design your PDF report. Working with HTML-code or with the Word integration.

1. Working with Word

Is your inspection form ready and are you not familiar with HTML, we offer the Word integration to upload Word templates. In that way, you can design your PDF report using your trusted Word! Watch the instruction video here

An example of the PDF report.

2. Working with HTML

Select the form and click on Edit Form to get started, now go to the Email tab and check the Advanced mode. Now you will be able to see the preview of the PDF. 

To modify your PDF manually you need to adjust the HTML code, we advise you to only edit the PDF yourself if you are familiar with HTML. Please don't try to modify your PDF in the context box.

Open the HTML view by clicking code view (</>). Please make sure that you save a copy of your HTML code. When you click Reset attachment the PDF will be reset to the code based on the content of the form. You cannot restore your modified HTML code.

Note: MoreApp does not offer HTML support.

Here is a list of tips & tricks using HTML!

  1. Adding a serial number
  2. Adding a pagebreaker
  3. Adjusting the column-width
  4. Deleting a line
  5. Indicating the location
  6. Adjusting the size of photos
  7. 2 photos next to each other

Next to these tips the possibilities are endless...! 

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