MoreApp is offering a Partner Program. What does this mean and what are the requirements?

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What is MoreApp?

With MoreApp paper forms are history. Mobile forms are self manageable with the intuitive Form Builder. The forms will be uploaded to the app so they can be used on a smartphone or tablet.

The online platform of MoreApp is easy to integrate with other planning, ERP and CRM systems. The platform includes a database, user management, push notifications and the world's best Form Builder. Download the app for free, available on iOS and Android.

Use MoreApp for

MoreApp Partners

As a Partner of MoreApp you will have your own network of customers. You get to decide on your own business model and act as the first point of contact to provide Support. You will be using MoreApp or your own Branded App. For more information about MoreApp Branding, click here.

To act as the first point of contact for your customers, you will need a basic understanding of MoreApp. For the more complex user cases you, as a Partner, get to contact MoreApp Support. Please note, the MoreApp Team does not provide Support to customers from Partners.

Note: When a partner account is being canceled the customers are assigned to MoreApp. 

What is in it for you

  • Access to the Form Builder (optionally in your own style)
    Unlimited customers
    Unlimited users
    Unlimited number of forms and templates
    Free API
    Developer access for developing plug-ins, widgets, and hooks
  • The freedom to create your own business model as a Reseller Partner 
  • The possibility of an own app in the App Store and Google Play Store (MoreApp Branding)
  • Access to an international partner network of leading (software) companies

Business model

As a MoreApp Partner we distinguish two sorts of business models. 

1) Reseller Partner

To become a Reseller a minimum investment of € 1.999 for 10.000 Credits is required, the bundle can be purchased through the partner portal. As a Reseller you will define your own bundles and prices. 

2) Kickback Partner

There is no investment needed to become a Kickback Partner. Your customers will purchase their bundles directly through MoreApp and the Partner will receive 25% kickback. 

How do you become a MoreApp Partner?

The Partner Workshop is required for both Reseller Partner and Kickback Partner. Acting as the first point of contact, this Workshop will get our new Partners prepared to provide their customers with the best service possible. The Workshop, hosted by our Product Genius, will focus on the collaboration between Partners and MoreApp, the Partner Platform, the newest Features and tips to handle Support requests. 

Location: Goudsesingel 96, Rotterdam 

Price: 1.200,- EUR for a maximum of 4 participants

Duration:  Half a day 

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