What is MoreApp?

With MoreApp paper forms are history. Mobile forms are self manageable with the intuitive Form Builder. The forms will be uploaded to the app so they can be used on a smartphone or tablet.

The online platform of MoreApp is easy to integrate with other systems and includes a database, user management, push notifications and the world's best Form Builder. The app is free, available on iOS and Android.

Use MoreApp for


MoreApp is flexible and easy to connect with existing software systems. Both the Form Builder and the app are white-labeled and therefore ideal for partners. MoreApp uses a pay-per-use pricing model. The number of users and the number of forms are unlimited. Sending a form to the database costs one credit.

What is in it for you

  • Access to the Form Builder (optionally in your own house style)
            Unlimited Customers
            Unlimited Users
            Unlimited number of forms and templates
            Free API
            Developer access for developing plug-ins, widgets, and hooks
  • The possibility of an own app in the App Store and Google Play Store (MoreApp clone)
  • Ability to sell MoreApp clones (25% partner discount)
  • Access to an international partner network of leading (software) companies

What can you add as a partner

  • Integration with your own software
  • Integration with other systems
  • Development and design of forms and PDF export
  • Consultancy in the field of mobile working
  • Develop / sell MoreApp clones
  • Offer forms, widgets, and plug-ins to the MoreApp Marketplace
  • Support

Business model

  1. Reseller partner:

           As a partner, you buy a bundle of credits from MoreApp. Then, you can define your own bundles and prices. Your customers can buy these.

       2. Kickback partner:

           You don't have to buy your own credits, so there is no investment required. When one of your customers buys credits, they buy directly from MoreApp and you'll receive a 25% kickback.

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What does a partner pay

Becoming a partner is free. There are a few extra options to choose from: