Sometimes, when you fill the forms, workers can make some spelling or typing mistakes which can difficult the reading of the form. That is why Android and iOS offer some keyboard tools specific to autocorrection that should be activated in every device with which MoreApp is used.

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With MoreApp, it is very easy to fill in digital forms and, now, with the use of autocorrection tools, it will be possible to avoid your workers to make orthographic mistakes which could difficult form reading. Filling in forms was never that easy. 


The procedure can vary depending on the Android device manufacturer.

1. Open phone settings

To start, open the phone settings which can be found in the main menu. Then press on Advanced settings.

2. Activate Orthographic Correction

Within Advanced settings, open Language & Input, and go in the function Spelling Correction to activate it. It is recommended to add as many languages as one speaks. 



1. Open phone settings

To start, it is required to open the phone settings, which can be found in the phone's main menu, and look for General.

2. Activate autocorrection

Once inside General, press Keyboard, and activate the functions Auto-Correction and Check Spelling as shown in the image.


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