In the Platform you can find the Registration Details of your receipt declaration form. Read all about the information you can find in the Registration Details.

1.Emails with PDF

Recipients: The recipients of the email.
PDF: The PDF file that you can download.


Data: Date of completion.
User: The user who completed the form. This says anonymous if a direct URL is used.
Credits: How many credits the form costs.


The data entered in the form is listed under the header Data.


Location: Where the form is send.
Date saved: Date and time of saving the form.
Device: The device used to send the form.
Network: The mobile network used by the device.
GUID: The unique code of the registration.
Serial Number:  Here you can see how many of these forms have been sent. Learn how to add the serial number to the PDF.

5. Delete and resend registration

Delete registration: With this button you can delete a registration.
Resend registration: With this button you can resend a registration.

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