In this Help Center post we give you the explanation and a solution for the 'request was denied for security' problem on Android devices.


  1. People cannot log-in
  2. Forms in cue cannot be sent


Since October 3rd we are using the MoreApp server with a new Certificate SSL in order to have a secure HTTPS connection. This new certificate is not supported by old Android versions and they cannot use the app (Android 4.1, July 2012). Google does not maintain these old Android versions which means that the trustable certificates list is not updated anymore. Therefore, this problem cannot be solved by us.

What we advise is to update the devices and if this is not possible, use new devices.

However, we recommend:

1. Download this certificate on your smartphone / tablet
2. Click on it to be installed
3. Open Settings
4. Go to Security
5. Go to Certificates
6. Click Install from memory option to install it
7. Choose the name you prefer and, inside Using Credentials leave the option VPN and Applications
8. Validate inside Trusted certificates that it is enabled as trusted certificate

If this did not work out for you, let us know