Learn how to use the Read-only Text widget and avoid your users to modify information when using the Instruction-hook.

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plans.

1. Log in to the Platform

To begin with, log in to the Platform. Next, create a new digital form, like a Work Order or select an existing one. Click on Edit form.

2. Download the Read-only Text widget

In the Widgets tab, click on Installed and go to the Marketplace to download the Read-only Text widget. 

3. Implement the Instruction-hook

Here you can read how to implement the Instruction-hook. Using this hook, you can create a workflow. You can reuse data entered in the first form, in the second form. Use the Read-only Text widget if you do not want the users to modify the data. 

4. Configure the Read-only Text Widgets

Go to the Installed tab and double click on the Read-only Text widget in order to add it to your form. 

Make sure the dataname is exactly the same as the dataname of the widgets in the first form. In that way MoreApp knows where to place the previously filled in data. 

To do so, click on the pencil of the Read-only text widget, activate the Advanced mode and check the dataname. 

Pay attention: You can only use Read-only Text widgets for Text- and Number-widgets.


Text-widget in the first form: 

Read-only Text widget in the second form:

You can check the Show header box of the Read-only Text-widget if you want the title of the widget to be visible. 

Ready-only Text widgets without the Show header option activated: 

5. Fill in the Form

Open the webclient or app and fill in the first form. When it's finished, click on Send.

Next, go to the Instructions tab and open the new instruction. 

As you can see, you can not modify the data! In this case only the photo and signature can be added.

6. Congratulations!

You have successfully added Read-only Text widgets to your form!

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