Would you like to keep the PDF Report short and focus on what really matters? Use HTML-code to hide fields in the PDF report based on the response the user gives. In that way, the hidden fields will not be visible in the PDF report but they will be visible in the Excel export. This option is only available for the Lookup- and Radio-widgets.

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This feature is available in the Branch, Tree and Forest plans.

1. Turn on the Advanced Mode

Once you are logged in the MoreApp Platform, create or select your digital form and click on Edit Form. Once you have built the form, you can turn on the Advanced mode in the Email tab.

Pay attention: After the Advanced settings of the Email are enabled, modifications in your form won't be automatically updated in the PDF report. When you add a new widget to your form, make sure you also add the widget manually to the PDF report using HTML-code or go back to the original PDF by clicking on Reset attachment in the bottom right corner of the Email tab. MoreApp will update the PDF by adding the new widgets to the PDF.

2. Go to the Code View

In the Email tab, you can find the code view ( </> ). Just below the logo in the PDF settings. The HTML-code automatically becomes visible after you have clicked on code view.

3. Define the Condition

Define the condition that will hide fields. We will give an example. A field is hidden when the selected Radio widgets have No as an answer.

Conditions can not have answers with more than words due to the fact that spaces are not allowed in CSS. For that, make sure that the settings of the Radio- / Lookup-widgets are correct. 

Go to the Properties of the widget by clicking on the pencil. Activate the Advanced mode of the widget. Make sure there is a valid condition written in the Email label.

4. Add Styling

Click on code view ( </> ) and add the following code right before the CSS <style> block:

    .radio-No { display: none }


5. Mark the Fields you want to Hide

Find the fields you want to hide if this condition is fulfilled. Delete the first sentence of the field and add the class "tr class="radio-${DataFieldName}" .

6. Congratulations!

You have successfully configured a rule within the PDF to hide non desired information in your PDF report. Make sure that you save a copy of your HTML code. You can use Brackets.io for example as a tool to edit HTML code. 

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