We love to help our customers from all over the world! Do you need help with digitising your paper forms or would you like to consult our Technical Team? Use our Support Contract! Read more below!

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For who?

  1. Partners
  2. Customers 

Why would you use a Support Contract?

  1. Dedicated Support
  2. Faster Response Time
  3. Help from Professional Form Builders 

What does it apply to?

  1. Creating a new form
  2. Changing an existing form
  3. Technical advice
  4. Consultancy
  5. Strategic advice

What is the difference between Free and Dedicated Support?

Free support is considered the help we offer our clients via chat or email: explaining the process on how to work on something, sending tutorials and giving tips to optimise the processes.

However, when the support agents need to spend time actually configuring the forms: creating rules, checking the PDF, etc. or you need help from the technical team to configure an integration, it is considered as dedicated support. 

The time spent on dedicated support will be subtracted from the total hours of your Support Contract.

Note: If we find out while working on your request, that there is a technical issue on our side, we will not count it as a Support Contract request and no time will be discounted from your contract.

How do you know when the Support Contract is used?

Whenever a support agent has worked on your forms, you will be informed about the time spent and the time left for future occasions. Example: 

  • Used time: 30 min

  • Time left: 7 hours and 30 min

Note: The minimum amount to charge is 30 mins.


Starting from €1.200 - for 8 hours*

*Valid for one year from invoice date

Are you interested?

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