MoreApp allows you to configure multiple emails. Send a different template to each one of your receivers. 

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page

Using multiple emails will benefit your company with a better communication and an advanced email flow. Follow the steps to implement this feature. 

1. Configure your Email

MoreApp automatically adds a standard email to every form. You can configure it according to your needs.

Log into the MoreApp Platform and, after clicking on Edit Form, go to the Email tab. Fill in all the fields related to the sender and the receiver, according to your work preferences.

Visit our post about How to Configure your Email for a detailed explanation of the different options.

2. Add another Email

If you like to send different email templates, MoreApp gives you the option to configure a unique version for different receivers.

Once you have configured the email body for your first template, scroll down and click on Add Email.

After that, you can configure the second email, et cetera. 

3. Configure more Emails

Do you want to have a different template for internal and for external use? Or for the employee who filled in the form and for the administration? No problem!

Repeat the same step as many times as you like and you will configure a perfect email flow!

Tip: Starting from the Branch plan you can also set up different PDF reports.

4. Congratulations!

You have now successfully configured different email templates. 

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