Select or deselect single or multiple users that have access to a folder with one or more forms. 

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1. Invite users

Once you have logged into the MoreApp Platform you can go the Forms tab. To be able to select/deselect users you must first invite them to share your file. You can do this by following the steps in another Help Center post about user management.

2. Click on the Users icon

The next step is to click on the Users icon which can be found next to the folder name.

Note: when creating a new form in a new folder, the form creator will only have rights. 

3. None

After you’ve clicked on the Users icon; you will see two buttons, Select all and None.  By clicking on None, you can deselect all users at once.

4. Select all

By clicking on Select all you can select all users at once.

5. Deselect

To deselect a user that has already been selected you must click on the user's email address once. You will know you have deselected the user because there will be no blue tick next to their email address.

6. Select

You can select users by clicking on their email address. You will know when they have been selected as you will see a blue tick in the box next to the left.

7. Save changes

Once you have selected/deselected the users, click Close to save the changes you have made.

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