MoreApp offers several services and add-ons you can use to optimise your form usage, such as the Branding module, Bootcamps and Consultancy.

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Online WorkshopGet off to a flying start with MoreApp. For beginners.    Free
Advanced Workshop

For customers who want to improve their Form Builder skills and learn more about MoreApp functionalities.


A tailor-made training where we build your form together.

1,200 EUR
  • 4 hours
  • 4 participants

Don’t have time to create a form yourself? Send us your form and we will digitise it in the best possible way.

Starting from 1,200 EUR
Support contract

All form specific questions plus support requests that involve our Tech team.     

1,200 EUR
  • 8 hours


Branding module

Replace the MoreApp logo and colour with your own.

400 EUR per month
4,400 EUR per year
  • Minimum 1 year
  • Starting from our Branch plan
Single Sign-On (SSO)

Manage your users in one place with Directory Synchronisation.

250 EUR per month
3,000 EUR per year

  • Starting from our Tree plan