Follow the steps to create a service account in your Android Developer Account. 

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After you’ve created a service account, MoreApp can automatically deploy new app releases to the Google Play Store. This is needed if you’ve purchased the MoreApp Branding module

1. Go to the Google Play Console

Open the Google Play Console and ensure that you are logged in as the account owner. Click on Settings in the left side menu. 

Click on API access

Click on the CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button. If this button is not available, you are logged in with the wrong account.

2. Create a Service Account

Follow the shown instructions for the creation of a service account. 

Use the following values:

Service account name: MoreApp Fastlane
Service account ID: moreapp-fastlane
Service account description: Used by Fastlane to automate app deployments
Role: Service Account User

Click on the + CREATE KEY button. 

Ensure that the key type is JSON. Click on the CREATE button. A file will automatically be downloaded. You can close this browser tab and send the file to MoreApp. 

Click on the CLOSE button. 

3. Grant MoreApp access

Now go back to where we were in Step #1 (Google Play Console → Developer account → API access).

The newly created service account should now be in the list (if this is not the case, refresh the page). Click op the GRANT ACCESS button for this new service account. 

Select the role Release Manager and keep all other settings unchanged. Click on the ADD USER button. 

4. Email file to MoreApp

Send the automatically downloaded file from step 2 to MoreApp by replying to the email we’ve sent you

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