Tropical zones are the most reasonable locations to plant trees to fight climate change. However, trees have more benefits than just capturing carbon and each region can benefit differently from reforestation.

Benefits for the tropical zone
The tropical zone is a perfect place for growing trees as they get the most sunlight there. This means that trees capture the most Co2 at the highest speed. Unfortunately, this zone is also hit the hardest by deforestation, leading to the extinction of many species which create 85% of all fauna on the planet.
Planting trees in the tropics also helps low-income communities to create a sustainable income source hence tackling not only the environmental issues but also social issues.
Areas with desert or arid climates are not suitable for planting trees, however, it can help to fight hunger and malnutrition. Deep root tree types are perfect for tackling the food shortage issue in arid and desert regions.

Benefits for Europe and the US
Europe and the US are less affected by deforestation as more and more trees appear in these areas each year. However, these regions face the issue of insect decrees, which can be tackled by planting trees to promote sustainable agriculture.

Benefits for areas that suffer from wildfires
It is also important to plant trees in areas that have suffered from wildfires such as Australia or Brazil. It is important to understand that the solution for this problem is long-term.