Check out the advantages of MoreApp’s Pro widgets.

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page.

Use pro widgets to add advanced features to your digital forms. Open the Form Builder and go to the Widgets tab. Above the widgets, click on Pro.

Pro widgets:

Search for imported data in your form. Import a data source and search for data from the data source by using the search-widget.


Calculate total costs or other values by adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and finding an average of one or more numerical fields. Add a currency to your value if you are calculating costs. 


Create an order app that allows to fill in a shopping cart with your products. Choose to displays VAT, shows prices, uses barcode scanner, add images and more.


Automatically fills in the address based on GPS coordinates.


Make visual notes and draw on your photos or images to highlight a certain area. 


Add an external file to your form that can be accessed through a link generated by the app.


Add additional information to your widgets. When a user clicks on the Help-widget, a pop-up window will appear to explain the widget. 


Validate the IBAN account number with this widget.

Postcode NL-widget

Validate the Dutch postcode with this widget.


Create a rating scale between 1 and 10 stars to rate any subject.


Create a rating scale based on face emojis to rate any subject.


Track time if your form by using the in-built stopwatch. 

Time difference-widget

Calculate the difference in hours between two times.


Record or select a video to add to your form. The app will generate a URL to download the video. 

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