You can filter the data on your Search-widget to avoid showing unnecessary information to the users. Only the appropriate details will appear in the forms!

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page

1. Access the Settings of the Search-widget

Open the MoreApp Platform, go to the form and click Edit Form. Go to the Pro widgets tab and add the Search-widget to your form. Click on the pencil to edit the Properties of the widget. 

Note: Before learning how to use the Filter option, you will need to have a Search-widget configured in your form. For that, follow this Help Center post.

2. Configure the Filter

There are a few settings available in the Properties of the Search-widget. Among them, you can find the Filter. This option allows you to filter the results using values of other fields in your form. In that way, only the imported data matching with the filter will be visible on the dropdown of the Search-widget.

Note: The item used as a filter should be included in the imported database. If it is not on the database, the filter will not work.

2.1. Filter by Username

The username is the email each user has to access the app. This option will allow you to show each user only the information related to their tasks or visits. Therefore, you will need to have a column, on the imported data source, with the emails of all the users who will fill in the form. 

2.2. Filter by other Search-widget

With this filter, you can use a field included on a different Search-widget to shorten the data showed on this second widget.

Example: You can add a list of workers and their respective companies to the first Search-widget, and use the company name as a filter on the second one. The company name should be included in both databases.

Note: When configuring this second Search-widget, the field used as a filter needs to be checked. For example, if you filter by the ‘id’ of the client, this field needs to be enabled.

2.3. Filter by another field of the form

Use any other field of the form to filter the Search-widget data. For example, find the details of a client by using the receipt number of the order.

3. Result of the Filter

When filling in the form, you will see the word filter: which will show the item used for the filtering. Only the data source details with this value on it will appear.

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