Connect MoreApp to any other software using Webhooks. Synchronize your forms with other apps via Integromat, and automize your processes. Follow the steps!

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In this Help Center post, you will learn how to connect MoreApp with other apps, thanks to Integromat. If you want to use the integration, you need to have a MoreApp form in your account. To design a form, access the MoreApp Platform and click on + Create a new form.

1. Create a Scenario

Access Integromat and click on the Scenarios tab, on the side menu. Once there, click on + Create a new scenario. A new screen with a big plus sign will appear. Click on the button in order to select the app you want to connect to.

2. Select a Trigger

Now, you will need to choose a Trigger. Select the app Webhooks and the trigger Custom webhook.

After that, the screen will change and the Webhooks icon will appear in the middle.

3. Create an Integromat URL

Select Add and Integromat will generate a Custom Webhook URL

Now, copy the URL and click OK.

4. Add a Webhook

Go to the MoreApp Platform. Click on Settings and open the Webhooks tab.

Click on Add in order to create a new Webhook. Change the name and paste the Custom Webhook URL you have copied in the previous step. Also, choose "submission.created” as Event type. Click on Save.


5. Send a Submission

Once it is configured, send a submission with any form. This step is necessary for the Webhook to work.

6. Test the Trigger

Go to Integromat and test the Trigger, by clicking on Run once. If the configuration has been done successfully, the scenario run will be completed. The Webhooks app will appear as green.

7. Choose an Action

To finish with the configuration, add an Action. Click on the + next to the Webhooks icon and add another module

Choose which one of the listed apps you want to integrate with MoreApp. For example, select the app Google Sheets and the action Add a row. This will create a new row each time a submission is created.

Click on the Google Sheets icon and configure the connection, by clicking on Add. A new screen will pop up so you can connect with your Google account.

Now, select the Spreadsheet where the data will be exported. Choose your Values, by filling in the fields of your submission that you want to export to the sheet.

Note: On the Google Spreadsheet, add all the headers you need to export data.

8. Activate the Integration

Finish the configuration, by activating the integration. Click on the OFF button, on the bottom left corner, and turn it ON.

Start doing submissions on your form! Each time a form is sent, a new row will be added to your sheet.

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