Save your PDF files, which you received via email, automatically in your Google Drive account. Store your reports in an easy way! Follow these steps.

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In this Help Center post, we will show you how to send your PDF files to Google Drive via Zapier. 

1. Access Zapier

Open your Zapier account and click on Create Zap

Note: You can also use this pre-made Zap to skip some steps.

2. Trigger: Email by Zapier

As a Trigger you need to select Email by Zapier.

For the Trigger Event, choose New Inbound Email so the action takes place whenever a new email is received.

3. Create an Email Address

In order to use this event, you will need to generate a new email address for Zapier. A custom email address will be associated with your mailbox. 

Add a word to complete the email address and the Zapier email will be created. Example: userdrive

Click on Copy and save this email so you can use it later on.

4. Add the Email to MoreApp

Log into the MoreApp Platform and open the form you are going to work with, by clicking on Edit Form. Go to the Email tab and configure the fields, using the email generated by Zapier. Paste this custom email, created in step 3, as static Recipient (under the field To). 

Note: If you want the email to be sent to your personal inbox as well, add your email address after the generated email of Zapier. Separate the recipients with a comma.

Now, Save & Publish the form and send a submission.

5. Test the Trigger

Once the submission has been done, go back to Zapier and click on Test trigger to check if the email has been connected. If a request is found, you can continue configuring the zap.

6. Action: Google Drive

Once the Trigger has been tested, select Google Drive as the Action. On Action Event choose Upload File

Connect your Google account to Zapier and fill in all the fields on the Set up action section. You need to select the Folder where the PDF will be stored. If you do not add any folder, the reports will be saved in your general Drive. Also, choose Attachment as the File to be uploaded and add a file name if desired.

Note: You can not use placeholders as a file name on this section. But, if you leave this field blank, the system will use the same name you have configured in the Email tab at MoreApp. You can add the placeholder as the registration name.

Time to do a final test! Click on Test and Continue to be sure that everything is configured properly. The files will be sent to your Drive account!

7. Activate the Integration

If the test is successful and the file has been uploaded to the folder, you can activate the integration. Click on the button and turn ON the zap.

Everything is ready! Each PDF generated through your forms will be uploaded to Google Drive.

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