Automatically add a new row to Excel Online, whenever a MoreApp submission is submitted. Configure your pre-defined Zap by following these easy steps.

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This feature is available in the Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page

1. Start with a Zap template

Before starting to configure this integration, you need to have at least one MoreApp form published. Make sure you have a few submissions for this specific form. You can use this Zap template to start with the integration, we have this Zap template for you.

Log into Zapier and use the template. Click on Try this template to get started. 

2. Choose a MoreApp account

Connect Zapier to the MoreApp account you want to work with. Once you have selected the account, click on Continue. Choose the form you are going to integrate and click Continue.

To verify if the connection has been done properly, you can click on Test trigger. If everything is fine, you will obtain a message that says: ‘We found a submission!’. Click on Continue.

3. Define the Action for Excel

Select the Action Event for the integration. This Zap is pre-defined in ‘Add Row’ so it automatically adds a new row to the Excel file whenever a new submission is done. Therefore, you only need to click on Continue.

4. Choose the Excel account

Select the Microsoft Excel account to which the data will be exported and click on Continue. Choose the Excel file for the export and click on Continue

Configure all the information that Zapier requests, by following these steps, data will be placed in the appropriate column. 

5. Test and turn on the Zap

You can do a small test to verify that everything works. Click on Test. If the configuration has been successful, a new row will be added to your Excel. Click on Continue.

Check if all Zap details are correct and click on Turn on Zap. Your submissions will be added automatically to your Excel Online!

Note: Subforms will be added to a single cell. 

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