Do you want to know what impact your company makes with MoreApp? With our Impact Certificate, you know how many trees you have planted and how much CO2 has been captured. Read in this post how you can request your Impact Certificate.

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We plant Trees for every Customer

At MoreApp, we put people and the planet over profit. We believe in making a positive impact. Together with Tree-Nation, we plant trees for every customer. 

With Tree-Nation and the Eden Reforestation Project, we plant trees in Madagascar. In the challenging landscape of Madagascar, we can be a game changer in reforestation and support the local community.

Together, we make the MoreApp forest grow. If you want to know which impact your company has made, you can request an Impact Certificate.  

How do I know what Impact my company has made?

Easy, the information you are looking for can be found on the Platform. Access the Billing page and, under the section Trees Planted, you can find the number of trees added to the MoreApp forest.

Note: The number of trees planted depends on your MoreApp subscription.

How do I receive my Impact Certificate?

Do you want to request your Impact Certificate? Fill in your details in the form below:

Note: To request the Certificate, you need to be a MoreApp customer for a minimum of 6 months.

Thank you for making an impact together! Request your Impact Certificate and proudly share it on your social media channels.

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