When taking a photo, several photo qualities can be used: Best Possible, Fast Upload or High Quality.

The recommended setting is Best Possible, as this uses the quality of the camera app of the device. The Fast Upload option can speed up your upload, but scales the photo and uses more memory for scaling. The High Quality option scales less, but uses a lot of memory, so this can only be used on device with more memory.

When using the High Quality option, this can lead to a crash of the MoreApp app. Therefor we recommend setting the quality to the default Best Possible to resolve this.

When memory becomes low, a device can decide to close unused apps to free up memory. This looks like a crash of MoreApp, but is actually the device closing apps to free memory.

Specifically the Samsung Galaxy J1 has an option to actively kill apps to free memory. This is hidden in the 'Developer Options'. 

To unhide the Developer options menu, touch Menu > Settings > More > About device . Scroll down to Build number, and touch Build number seven times. The menu option will then appear under Settings > More > Developer options.

In the Developer Options you will find the option 'Don't keep activities' enabled. This setting needs to disabled.

Please keep in mind that low memory can cause the device to close apps, resulting in odd behaviour.