You can turn MoreApp into an Order App by adding the Catalogue-widget to your form!

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plans. Check our plans.

1. Create the Excel file 

In order to get started with the Catalogue-widget, you will need to create an Excel file. Include the following columns in your sheet: id, name, description and priceExVat. Please use this exact column description. You can also add optional columns such as photo, thumbnail and vatRate. The number of columns you can add is unlimited, they will be visible on the product details page. However, the photo and thumbnail can only be added as an URL, therefore these are only shown when your mobile device has an internet connection. Fill in the columns with the applicable data. Now save the file with a .xlsx extension. 

2. Add the Data Source 

Now you will need to add the Excel file as a data source to MoreApp, by logging in to the MoreApp Platform and going to the Data Sources tab. Add the data source by clicking on Add a data source, here you can give the data source a name and by clicking on Excel you can upload the file you created earlier. Finally, click on Save.

3. Add the Catalogue-widget

Now you can add the Catalogue-widget to your form. Open the form you would like to edit and click on Edit Form. Add the Catalogue-widget to your form by clicking on Pro widgets and double-clicking on the Catalogue-widget. Under Catalogue Data source you can select the data source. You can select the columns that you would like to have visible in the app and also the preferred currency. Once you're finished click on Save and then Save & Publish to publish the form. 

4. Congratulations! 

You have successfully added the Catalogue-widget to your form! Users can now use your form as a webshop. In the app/webclient, the Catalogue-widget looks as follows: 

NOTE: Only id, name, quantity, unit price, sub total, vatRate and total will be visible on the PDF.

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