Create a workflow to ask for approval of an invoice, travel request or declaration. 

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1. Create a form

Go to the MoreApp Platform. If you want to create a workflow for the approval of a Holiday request for example; first you will need to create a form for it. After you have made this form, copy the form and add a Signature-widget. In order to copy the form, you have to click on Copy in the Form Overview. Now the copied version of the original form has the exact same data names as the original, MoreApp can fill these fields with the answers given. In the copied form you will need to add an extra Signature-widget.

2. Add the Instruction integration

Go to the MoreApp Platform and select a form. Click on Edit Form and go to the Integrations tab. Then click on Add Integration.

Select the Instruction integration and click on Add.

3. Configure the integration

The next step is to configure the Instruction integration. Open the first form in the Form Builder and go to Integrations.  Select the Folder which contains your second form for the Folder-property. Select your second form for the Form-property. Choose the Recipients of the instruction and add a message if it's necessary. Lastly, click on Validate and then on Save & Publish. 

If you're working with dynamic recipients, make sure to choose an email address using, for example, the Email- or the Search-widget. 

Lastly, click on Validate and then on Save & Publish

Note: The recipients (also Dynamic recipients) need to be added as a user of the form to open the instruction.

4. Test your new workflow

We're done configuring the integration and it's time to test! Open your first form in the app and fill it out. After the form is filled in, the administration or manager receives a notification to approve the request. The Instruction integration will automatically send an instruction to the person who has to sign the form. Upon sending your integration you should see that the recipient(s) of the Instruction integration receives a new work instruction. Open the work instruction and check if all your data is there. 

Note: With this integration, you can get a notification also in the email by configuring the Email tab of the first form.

5. Congratulations!

You just made a fully functional workflow! Of course, you're able to chain more than two forms using this method.

More Integrations? 

Next to the Instruction integration, we added more integrations. Check for example the Delete integration or the Word integration

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