With the HTML-widget you can add text and links to your digital forms using HTML.


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1. Add text

To add text, such as general information, you can create paragraphs by using the tag <p>:

If you would like to add the text in bold, the HTML tag is <b>:

If you would like to add the text in italic, the HTML tag is <i>:


Here is an example of a paragraph in bold and adjusted size:


2. Add a line

To add a line, you can use the tag <hr>:


3. Add a URL link 

To add a hyperlink that redirects you to another page, you can use the following element:

 <a href="URL LINK">text</a>

You can edit the text to your liking. This is what will be shown in the form, instead of the URL.
You find an example below:

<a href="https://moreapp.com/">MoreApp</a>

4. Add a phone number or email address

You can add a phone number or email address the same way. 

Phone number:

<a href="tel:+31612345678">+31612345678</a>

Email address:

<a href="mailto:EMAIL">EMAIL</a>


  • Since we do not offer customer support for HTML, we recommend this page for more information about HTML.

  • You can't work with placeholders in the HTML-widget. You can work with static text, links and images.

  • The HTML-widget does not allow <script> and <style> tags. However, you can use inline styling in HTML to add colours and positioning to your elements. For example:

<h3 style="color: green">text</h3>

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