With the HTML-widget you can add text and images to your digital forms using HTML.


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You can not work with placeholders in the HTML-widget, but with static text, links and images.

Note: MoreApp does not offer HTML support.

1. Adding text

You can add text to your digital forms using the HTML-widget, such as general information, terms & conditions and certificates. With the HTML-widget you can use any HTML code. Add the desired text in between this HTML code: 


If you want to adjust the size you can adjust the number behind the h:


1 = biggest and 6 = smallest 

If you would like to add the text in a bold letter type then the HTML code is:


If you want to adjust the size you can adjust the number behind the h

You can also add text in italic, to do so you use:


2. Adding bullet points 

You can also add bullet points in the HTML-widget. You can use bullet points to portray examples or options. Use this HTML-code for bullet points: 


3. Adding an image 

You can also add an image using this widget, you can use this option for example for your company logo. Please make sure that you have the URL of the image you would like to add. Once you have the URL of the image, use this HTML code:

<img src="IMAGE URL">

As you can see you can customise the width and height of the image in the HTML code. 

4. Adding a URL link 

You can also add a URL link using the HTML-widget. Use the following code for this option: 

 <a href="URL LINK">TEXT</a>

You can add a text introducing the URL link, for example: 

5. Adding a phone number or email address

Phone number:

<a href="tel:+31612345678">+31612345678</a>

Email address:

<a href="mailto:info@moreapp.com">info@moreapp.com</a>

6. Adding a line 


7. Adding white space

To create paragraphs or to start a new sentence, you can use the following code at the end of your sentence. 


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