Use the Photo-widget to take a photo with the device's camera or add it from your photo library. The photos will appear as a thumbnail in the PDF report and can also be attached to the email.

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When you add the Photo-widget to your form, there are some settings visible in the Property screen. Check out what these options mean to set up the widget to your liking. 

1. Add a form

To get started you will need to be logged into the MoreApp Platform. Next, create a form or select an existing form. Once you have your preferred form you will need to click on Edit Form. Once you're in your form, double click on the Photo-widget to have it inserted into your form. By clicking on the pencil of the widget you will see the properties of this widget.

2. Label

Give the widget a name by typing text in the Label field.

3. Set up the Photo Quality

Most mail servers won’t allow you to send an email that’s bigger than 25MB in total size, which for most emails, is more than enough. If your form includes a lot of photos and you’ve chosen to attach them all to the email, you can quickly reach this limit. Play around with the photo quality and see what's best for you! It depends on your use case and how much quality you need. 

  • Best possible: This means that MoreApp does not manipulate the photo when sending.
  • Fast upload: MoreApp reduces the resolution of the image and applies compression. This results in the smallest file size, making uploading faster. 
  • High quality: This is a compromise between file size and photo quality.

Photo quality indicates the photo size for the export to excel and mailbox.

The same photo is used for the PDF, but we also optimise the PDF separately. Photos above a certain DPI will be resized to a size that makes sense for the PDF. In that way, we avoid extremely large PDFs. This is why you don’t see a difference in the file size of the PDF when using High Quality or Best possible.

Note: The photo quality is only applicable for photos you add using the App, not using the Web App

4. Set up the Filename 

You can also define the filenames of photos, making it easier to identify them in Excel exports or the email attachment later on. Here you can insert any descriptive text of your choice or you can also use the parameters by clicking on the turquoise-coloured buttons. 

Here is an example of the configuration, using the default parameters:

This will be the result of the filename in the Email attachment:

5. Allow selecting photo from library

If you disable this box, it is only possible to capture a new photo and you ensure that no old photo can be added from the gallery.

6. Save a copy on the device

Select this box if you want to save a copy of the photo on your device. You can find the photo in your gallery.

7. Required

Select this box if you want the widget to be required. In that way the user has to add a photo, otherwise, the form can not be sent. 

Note: Photos taken with the Photo-widget are not automatically saved on your device.

Note: It's not possible to take a photo with the Web App on your desktop.

8. Working Offline

If you are working in offline mode and you took photos, you can not send the form. You will need to save the form as a Draft because the photo will not load. 

So, you can take photos, but you need to Save the submissions as a Draft and send it later when the device has a connection again. 

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