Save your files automatically to SharePoint. Connect your OneDrive to the server and make sure all the files are organised in the correct folder.

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1. Connect to OneDrive

Login to the MoreApp Platform and select the form you want to work with. Click on Edit form and open the Integrations tab. Now click on Add integration to install the OneDrive integration. 

We will need to connect the OneDrive integration first to send all the reports automatically to the desired OneDrive folder. Read here how to configure the integration.

2. Connect to SharePoint

Log in to Microsoft Power Automate and go to the Templates tab to find the correct flow template. Choose ‘Copy files between OneDrive and SharePoint'.

NoteYou can also access the template here. Click on Try it now, log in and start configuring the flow. 

You will be asked to log in to your OneDrive and SharePoint accounts to start with the configuration. Follow all the steps to configure the integration.

You will need to select the OneDrive folder where the documents will be taken from. After that, you will also need to select the SharePoint folder of your choice. In this folder, all files will be saved.

All new files that go to your OneDrive folder, will be sent and saved to the folder of choice in SharePoint. 

3. Ready to go!

Your flow is configured and you are ready to test! Submit a MoreApp form and check if the files are stored in the folders.

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