Add users, groups and manage their settings. You can also quickly import multiple users from an Excel file.

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1. Invite a user

Once you have logged into the MoreApp Platform you can go to the Users tab to get started. In the Users tab you will have to click on Invite user(s), there you will see that you have the option to select a single user or multiple users. Click on A single user and then choose the user you would like to invite by filling in the email address. Choose the language of the invitation and the group the user needs to be added to. Lastly, click on Invite. The person that you invited will receive an email to activate his/her account. Invites do no expire. 

2. Invite multiple users

You can also invite multiple users at the same time using an Excel file with email addresses. Keep in mind that all the email addresses have to be inserted in the first column of the spreadsheet. After having clicked on Choose File you can browse for your Excel file. Once your file is uploaded you can select the language of the invitation and the group the users need to be added to. Lastly, click on Invite. The person that you invited will receive an email to activate his/her account

3. User groups

Now you can also group all the users, under the Users tab you can click on Create a new group. Give the group a name, then click on Save. Click on the cog icon of the group you just created and there will be a list of all the users under Group members, there you can select the users you would like to be part of this group. Under Client Permissions, you can give the group rights to access specific folders. 

Under Platform Permissions you can give the group the rights to manage the tabs in the platform: Forms & Folders, Submissions, Instructions, Users, Data sources, Billing, Templates and Webhooks. Advanced user management is available starting from the Tree plan. 

Once you finished, click Save & Close

4. User settings

You can also edit the settings for a specific user, click on the user you just invited under All Users. By clicking on Edit user you will be able to change the settings, this includes the user's First & Last names, Country, Groups, and Folders. If you want the user to be only able to fill in forms using the apps or the webclient, do not make the user an Administrator. If you do make the user Administrator this means that he/she has access to the Platform. When you've made the changes click on Save & Close.

5. Manage users

After creating a new form you can directly add users or groups to your form. Note: when creating a new form in a new folder, only the form creator will ohave rights. Once you've created your new form, you can find the users icon next to the folder name.

When you click on the user icon, the User management will appear on the right side. Here you see which users and groups have access to the folder.

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