Create a drawing or edit photos by adding lines, arrows, and text.

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plans.

1. Install the Drawing-widget

Download the Drawing-widget from the MoreApp Marketplace. Go to the Marketplace, search for the Drawing-widget under the Widgets tab and click on Install.

2. Create a form

Go to the MoreApp Platform and create an inspection form. Click on Edit Form and click on Installed. The widgets you have installed from the Marketplace are now visible. Drag the Drawing-widget to the right place in your form. Click the widget's pencil and Label it. If you already want to add an image click on Choose Background Image. You can also add a photo to the app. Click Save and Save & Publish

3. Start drawing

Open your form in the app or with the webclient. Click on the camera to take a new photo. Click on the folder to add a photo from your file manager. Then you can start drawing. Choose a color and add lines, arrows, and text. You can also use the emojis from your keyboard when adding text. You can zoom in or out. Click on the hand to select a component. You can move, enlarge, and reduce the selected items. Click on the trashcan to remove an item. Click Submit when you finish drawing. If you want to change something after drawing, click on the picture again to continue editing. 

Click Send to send your form.

The picture with the drawing is shown in the PDF report. Do you want to download the registration with the image as a separate file? Then go to the Registrations tab and click Export All.

Note: You can not change drawings of duplicated submissions. However, you can always add news drawings to the submission!

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