A placeholder is used to show what needs to be filled in at a certain position.

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There are two kinds of placeholders in MoreApp:

  1. Placeholders that are used in widgets
  2. Placeholders that are used in the email and PDF report

1. Placeholder for widgets

The placeholders that are used in the widgets show an example of what can be filled in. For example: when configuring the Email-widget you can use an email as the placeholder. 

This is shown in your form as following:

2. Placeholders for your email or PDF

When you create an email for your form, you can use Placeholders in the From, Reply To, and Subject fields and in the body. These placeholders are for a piece of code that show the filled in data of that particular widget in the email and PDF report

Click on Placeholders and you will see a whole list with all the widgets you've added to the form. You will also find placeholders that show the longitude, latitude and serial number

Choose a position in the body of the email. Next click on a placeholder

When the name Sophie is filled in, that name will appear in stead of the placeholder ${name} in the mail. 

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